Monday, February 23, 2015

Mardi Gras and Hockey Games...

As the title suggests I just mark two more things off my list for my 30th year. Derrick and I headed down to the Scott Trade Center to enjoy our first St. Louis Blues game of the year.

We went down early so we could enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities. We unfortunately didn't get to go down for the big Mardi Gras parade in Soulard do to the weather however, I am still going to count this one.
Then after the parade we headed to the game. Now a little-known fact about me is I love hockey games. The reason I love hockey games is because I like to watch the players fight. Now normally I do not condone violence in anyway, shape or form. That being said, apparently all that gets blown out the window the second the gloves come of one of my boys in blue and the hockey sticks fly. I bring this up because of how awesome the seats were. We could see every shot, slip and punch of the evening. Needless to say I was beyond giddy.
This was a perfect evening for a #datewithmymate and we had a great time. I am so lucky to have this fellow in my live to enjoy the moment like this.
After all was said and done and we came out of the game it started to snow again. We took the time to walk around the city and admire it blanketed in the beautiful snow. How lovely and peaceful everything was.
After we finally got back to our car we made our way back to pick up our little guy from "Nina's house". Then it was home and off to bed but not before Gordon got into the Spirit of the evening.

All I can say is I am a lucky lady.

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