My List

1) Go on a Road trip with my favorite people.
2) Got to Opening Day of the STL Cardinals baseball season.
3) Go hiking in the Colorado mountains.
4) Ride in a helicopter.
5) Got to a football game.
6) Go to a county fair.
7) Having a meal at the Hickey House.
8) Be a blonde.
9) Stepping foot in at least 6 states.
10) Take a Zumba class.
11) Taking my son to play in the ocean.
12) Ride on an elephant.
13) Go on a camping trip with my peeps.
14) Go to a Drive-in movie.
15) Get another Tattoo.
16) Go Ice Skating.
17) Participate in the Color Run.
18) Lose 15 pounds.
19) Have a bonfire.
20) Get a new piercing.
21) Go Vegan for a week.
22) Go to the Farmer's Market.
23) Go into the Hair Stylist and saying "Do whatever you want and show me when you're done."
24) Eating at a place shown on Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives.
25)Take a trip on a train.
26) Go on a tour of the Lemp Mansion.
27) Go to a COLLEGE football game.
28) Go to a hockey game
29) Kiss my man at midnight on NYE.
30) Go to the STL Mardi Gras parade.
31) more to come...

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