Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let Me Rant A Moment...

I would like to warn all my readers in advance that this post is my own personal rant. I do apologize in advance.

I know that people enjoy celebrities and even more the that they love to watch the fail and make fun of them at every chance given. No matter if it's money problems, failed marriages, or whatever easy might go a miss in life. I understand that this is human and all that crap HOWEVER there is one thing I can not stand and here it is.
I was at the store yesterday and could not believe my eyes then I was in the check out line and saw several well known magazines calling a well known pregnant celeb FAT! I was shocked. I had seen this kind of stuff before when after a star had a baby she looked like she had...oh I don't know...just had a baby people would attack her for it. I think that is just gross. At no time is it ever okay to call a woman caring a baby fat. Caring and having a baby is one of the hardest (also most rewarding) thing that will ever happen in a woman's life and to insult and use it as some kind of joke is just bad taste.

When I was pregnant I was shopping in the mall and I over heard a couple behind me. The woman was saying that they needed to stop at some store that was ahead of us and the man's reply was "well we would get there a lot faster if this fat chick would get out of the way". No joke! This really happened. I just wanted to cry and scream at the same time. Something inside of me staped and I turned around a wacked him as hard as I could with my purse. He was dunbfounded to say the least. He looked at me and said "What the hell?" to which her lady friend repiled without missing a beat "She's pregnant you ass! You're lucky I don't hit you." I was so upset that I just walked off crying.

Rant done...

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week.


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