Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Experiments

So a few months ago Gordon and I were watching one of the many science themed shows we enjoy. This particular show talked about how mixing 2 things together can cause a reaction. One of the things they used as an example was when someone mixes sunlight and lemon juice on their hair it causes the hair to lighten. Gordon found that fascinating and wanted to see if it would really work. I LOVE that he likes science and am all about doing fun experiments so I decided that since it was summer we could give it a shot. 

I did a little research that evening and say that if you simple mix lemon juice and water in a spray it would do the trick. So the next day I got what we needed and mixed up our little bottle of lighter. I started to spray it into his hair every morning when he was getting ready for summer camp. He would play out in the sun during the day and when he came home in the afternoon we would wash it out. At first he was disappointed because he couldn't see a different right away. However, I told him it would take time and we would just have to keep it up. Then little by little it started to do its job. Gordon's hair went from a medium brown color to a lighter reddish color. 

Needless to say Gordon was thrilled! He thought it was so cool that he now had "gold" hair simply by playing outside. I thought it was fun to see how much he enjoyed it. The only part I didn't care for was when some people thought it was their job to tell me that I shouldn't do that to a 5 year old's hair. But in the name of science I said they could go lick a rock!

Gordon enjoys his gold locks and reminds me every morning to add our special spray to hair. From there we wanted to see just how light we could go. So I did a little more research to see what we could try. I read that you could "tone" your blonde just by using purple shampoo. I happened to have some under the sink from a few years ago when I went blonde (using far move chemicals). So the second have of our little experiment began. After using the purple shampoo a few times his reddish blonde turned into a lovely beachy blonde color. 

All in all we think it has been a wonderful success. The perfect thing for some summer fun. Now the only thing I have to worry about is when Fall comes and it's time to say goodbye to his beachy summer and hello to his own (equally as beautiful) dark hair. He has become very attached his new look.

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