Monday, October 27, 2014

This Is the Last Day.

This is it...This is the last day. The last day of being in my 20s. Well now it's more this the last hour. As I sit here as the last few minutes pass by I have decided that this is not the end of the world as so many who have come before me have made it out to be. I am not going to wake up in the morning a old woman in a matching sweat suit and fannypack (however, that's always a good look).
 And once more, I am in good company. Lovely ladies like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have also turned the big 30. If they can do it while having fun and looking as awesome as they do then it can't be that bad.
October 25th.

October 27th
I have however noticed in the past few weeks that society has made the soon to be 30 year olds of the world feel this way. I see all these "Bucket Lists" of thing that you are should do (or have done) before this day comes. Like that's it, its over! Close up shop, you're done. You don't get to be silly, or spontaneous any more. You now must be a boring adult who never gets to have fun. Well, I am not going down like that. So I made my own list. The list of things to do IN MY 30th YEAR. This list has all kinds of things on it. From things I have never don't before to things I did early on life that I am ready to do again with a different set of eyes.
I have put this list on my blog (in the link above) and plan do try to cross off everything on the list within the next year. I will be taking my camera along to capture it as I go. Sharing my journey to make my 30th year something to look forward to, not dread.

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