Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Week in the Eyes of My Phone...

Hello Dolls! It's been another busy week for the Magpie. I did however have time to take a few shots during the week for a little post I like to call A Week in the Eyes of My Phone.

Monday was a normal work day however during my lunch break I did treat myself to something fun. I found and bought a pair of zebra chucks. I have always loved a pair of chucks for a casual errand running day. These just happened to have a extra kick with the zebra print. How could I not get them?

Tuesday was my day off and I got to spend it with this little charmer. As you can see he has learned to pose for the camera(phone) like a little super model. The best part is when I put on a broadway soundtrack and he goes crazy dancing and laughing. So sweet!

Yes, I know it is now February but I have been so busy that I am just now getting around to putting away my Christmas decor. Plus this was not the best of days. I opened that morning and when I got off I when home to find that my front door would not close. When I finally got it to close I remembered I had left my planner in my car. I started to run out to get it and found that I could no longer OPEN my door. I tried and tried but I was now trapped in my house...great! It was so bad that it took taking the door knob off and Matthew breaking (Yes, BREAKING) in the door to get me out. Since I couldn't go anywhere I had time to put some stuff away. Then after all that I got to go back to work till 1am. All in all, I and safely say...this day kinda sucked.

Thursday I found another new mommy job that I get to enjoy. My son has this little pig that he just loves and so he always has him with him. Needless to say any toy that a 12 week old has with him 24/7 is going to get spit-up on and is not going to stay clean for very long. Like I said the Boo loves this little guy so I couldn't take the chance of losing him in a tragic washing machine accident so he got a bath in the bathroom sink with baby shampoo.

Friday Funday! I got off work early so I used the day to run errands and do some shopping. I got some new jeans(yay), some new tops(yay again), and two pair of $60 dress shorts for $8.99 a piece(YAYx20!!!). What can I say I love a good deal.

I really do love doing my Week in the Eyes of My Phone and I hope you all enjoy reading it. I also love to hear your thoughts and ideas for post so please feel free to leave comments down below.

Ta-ta my loves,


  1. That picture of the pig is hilarious!

  2. Cute shoes! And congrats on your awesome Express shopping. I always love a good bargain too :)

    Visiting from Hollie's blog. It isn't Friday anymore, so Happy Monday!